Trainingd for drivers transporting ADR dangerous goods

We offer courses for drivers carrying out activities related to transportation of dangerous goods (ADR). You need to be 21 years old and have a B-category driving licence or higher to take up the exam.

ADR courses cover:

ADR courses, both basic and supplementary:

Basic - for drivers who do not have the qualifications or for persons whose qualifications has expired.
Supplementary - for drivers who have valid ADR qualifications on the day of the exam.

concerning transportation of dangerous goods of all classes

concerning transportation of dangerous goods in tank trucks

concerning transportation of dangerous goods of class 1

concerning transportation of dangerous goods of class 7

Each of the ADR courses ends with a national exam.

The exam consists of 30 test single-choice questions (one correct answer in three). The exam is considered to be passed when the driver gives at least 20 correct answers.

ADR qualifications are issued by Marshal Offices within 7 days from the date of the examination.

Legal requirements: provision of 8.2.1 of the ADR Agreement and the Act on the transport of dangerous goods of 19th August 2011.


Workplace-specific training
based on chapters 1.3 and 8.2.3 of the ADR Agreement

We offer workplace-specific training within the scope of transportation of dangerous goods for your company.

The detailed scope of the given ADR course is adjusted to its participants, taking into account their needs, skills, advancement in a given branch and the methods of use of the knowledge gained. Each course is diversified depending on the participants - it is different for specialist workers (employees unloading or loading dangerous goods, employees of forwarding or carrier companies and drivers other than those with ADR certificates) and different for the management.

The training programmes are developed with participation of representatives of the ordering party and flexibly adjusted to the requirements and individual conditions of the company's operation.