Psychological tests

We carry out psychological examinations - psychological tests for drivers, individually or in groups:

psychological tests for drivers of all categories

for persons carrying out road transportation

driving instructors and examiners

commercial agents

drivers of emergency vehicles

drivers whose driving licence has been revoked by the police

forklift drivers

racing drivers

Results of many studies confirm the negative influence of fatigue on driving abilities. Fatigue causes, among others, reduction of the ability to assess the situation correctly, to react quickly and adequately, it also limits attention span. Due to that, we encourage you to ensure, during examination and everyday driving, that:

you are well rested

you are healthy

you abstain from alcohol and drugs for at least 24 hours before driving.

You should take your driving licence, ID card and glasses, if you usually wear them, with you, to the examination. The examination takes between 1.5 and 3.5h, depending on the type of the examination and the number of persons in the case of a group examination.


Price list*:

forklift operator examination

racing driver examination

examination of B category drivers

examination of C category drivers

driving instructors and examiner examination

driver examination - road accident perpetrators

examination of drivers whose driving licence has been revoked by the police - penalty points, alcohol, psychoactive substances

examination of drivers of all categories, including driving candidates


Gross prices*


Our laboratory is equipped with:

reaction time meter - allowing for assessment of simple and complex (choice-making) reaction times

stereometer - used for spatial view diagnosing

rotating discs - for assessing the ability to asses speed and velocity 

darkroom cabinet - for assessing vision in the dark  

We provide professional customer service and friendly atmosphere during psychological tests.